Trenchless Pipe Repair

how it works

The Line It system is unique and does not require any access pit. We use a unique “push” system that launches from a single point of entry with no need for downstream access. Our technology can do what many other systems cannot do.

Step 1
A sewer camera reveals a blocked, breached and/or root intruded pipe. The pipe is cleaned with a scorpion cutting tool. Roots and calcification are removed from the inside of the pipes. Existing line is cleaned and cleared of debris, hard scale build up and root intrusion.
Sewer camera reveals pipe blockage

Step 2
A seamless, impenetrable epoxy liner is installed and left to cure. Then a liner is pulled into place and a bladder is inflated. Think of the stints used to repair arteries. An epoxy barrier coating is applied to the inner walls, creating a smooth and seamless pipe-within-a-pipe.
Epoxy liner gets applied to the pipe.

Step 3
After curing, the bladder is removed leaving behind a structural pipe within a pipe that spans gaps and permanently stops root intrusion. The new pipe is so hard that roots cannot penetrate it since there are no weakened joints and calcification can no longer occur.
Pipe is fully repaired

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