Line-It Drain Pipe Repair Technology for the VA & DC Area

Modern Drain Repair for Architects, Plumbers, Contractors, Homeowners

Line It uses a patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system to create a permanent, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system, without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape. The lining is an eco-friendly solution that creates no waste for landfills or for recycling and generates no carbon emissions during manufacturing. (Read More)

Who We Service:

Architects, Plumbers, Contractors
Sure you can dig up homes, walkways, and landscaping to repair your customers’ drain pipes, but why would you? Offer your customers more — trenchless drain-lining systems...(read more)


We offer homeowners an innovative technology that requires no digging, causes no mess and typically costs less because there are no post-job repairs or...(read more)